Got Passion? 3 Tips to Find It!


I have been talking about “passion” with people a lot lately, so it’s time to blog about it! A lot of great teachers will tell you to follow your passion and I would agree. You have to find what you love and do it. Yet, I have one caveat to that. Your passion has […]

Do You, Love You?


I am sure that by this point in your life you have been told that you need to love yourself. But what does that really mean? Should you be in love with your career, your body, your soul? I believe we have to love it all.

However, I can’t teach you that in one blog! […]

7 Signs You are Getting the Love You Deserve

Oh St. Valentine…how I love thee? Well, if you don’t feel that way check in and see if you are truly getting the love you deserve! Sometimes, we hold on to the wrong person for too long. While we may have a “connection” with them, there has to be more. Does your lover stack […]

You Can’t Soar Solo!

Have you ever thought about what it will take to fulfill your purpose? I have thought a lot about this and I am finding the answers. Some of the answers come from nature. I am blessed to live near the largest wetlands in Southern California. Each winter we are visited by approximately 200,000 migrating […]