If you want to be happy & successful begin with self-care!

Taking time for yourself is NOT self-centered it is how we “center ourselves” so we can do great things in the world. Too many of us think that we must place others needs above our own at all costs. While I believe in a life filled with helping others, I know that we must […]

Want to Feel Better? Give Gratitude a Try!


Maybe you have heard about being grateful lately? The practice of gratitude is encouraged by most spiritual traditions. I believe in the power of gratitude. It is something that I introduce to my coaching clients immediately. Even Oprah keeps a gratitude journal, which goes to show that no matter what you have, you still […]

Warding off Energy Vampires!


First, let me define this term. It is a person that just sucks your energy in any way, ultimately draining the life out of you. To paint the picture of what this feels like, let me give you a few scenarios.

An energy vampire is going to call you and immediately begin telling you about […]

Find a Little Excitement in Life!

It’s time to find a little more excitement in your life! Are you ready to feel alive again? Are you ready to go after a new goal or find a hobby close to your heart? Well, don’t look any further. I want to help you find what drives you so you can find fulfillment […]