About Tori

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You really want a more fulfilling, peaceful life where you have time for the people you love, self care, and travel.

You’re caught up in the day to day grind and don’t even know where to begin or what the heck that looks like.

Most days you feel overwhelmed just getting it all done and you have little time left over for yourself.

You need someone to help you get clear and feel confident about what will make you happy and passionate again!

I’ve so been there and I’m here to help you! I’m your no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is (with love), resource to help you get the clarity you need to live a life you’re actually excited about.

I’m Tori Helf, a lifestyle coach and yogi, passionate about helping professionals and entrepreneurs create a clear path (and a plan) to living a life they really love. After 12 years of leadership in the corporate world I was burnt-out! I’d worked really hard to get where I was and still didn’t feel fulfilled. On paper, I had it all. House, husband, big job, degree…check, check, check! But inside, not so much.

I wanted to feel passionate . I wanted to travel, to feel free, to actually spend time with people I cared about. It was all work, work, work (thanks Rhianna!). I was ready to become a lawyer and luckily had my own wake up call. I found my purpose (to help people) which led to grad school.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in psych. My master’s specializes in Transformational Coaching.

While I love psych (obvi!) I’m also a certified 500-hour Yoga teacher. I’ve practiced and studied yoga for over 15 years. Including the sciences of Ayurveda and meditation. I also love Energy Psychology, an awesome technique that helps us clear out our stuff and align our energy with our goals. It’s been a true game changer for me and the people I work with. I deeply believe in the power of natural healing.

I work with clients one on one to help them find their passion and a make plan to live a life they actually want. In my coaching programs I offer actionable steps and easy to follow guidance. I work with each person individually so they can feel clear, confident, and ready to create the life (maybe even the business) they really want. I know you can do this! Why? Because I’ve done it and so have my clients over the years.

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Many Blessings,

Tori Helf

Why Work with Me?


I know there are a ton of coaches out there, and it could be hard to choose one or know if they’re legit. If I seem like your type of gal, I want you to know that I have worked hard to bring the best to who I work with. Listed below are some of my credentials and experience to help you see that I am committed to my own growth as a coach (and human) and continue learning to bring you cutting edge information to support you on the most important journey you will ever take…life.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree Psychology, California State University
  • Master’s Degree Psychology, Sofia University
  • Master’s Degree Specialization, Transpersonal Coaching, Sofia University
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-500) Yoga Alliance
  • Comprehensive Energy Psychology Level 1 & 2 (www.energypsych.org)

Work Experience

  • 5 Years as a crazed Entrepreneur
  • 15 Years of Leadership
  • 10 Years of Human Resources (yes the problem department)
  • Tilly’s Life Center Facilitator & Trainer (amazing youth empowerment program)
  • Guest Speaker & Trainer at University of California, Irvine

Giving Back


I believe that giving back is important and it is part of my business model. I donate my time and/or a portion of my profits to organizations close to my heart! My business is just as focused on purpose as it is on profit. When you work with me, buy a product, or attend a workshop know that your dollars are supporting great causes. The organizations I love are Tilly’s Life Center, Humane Society of the United States, The World Wild Life Fund (WWF), and The Los Angeles LGBT Center. Doing good just feels good…right? Thanks for supporting me and the organizations I serve.


What It’s Like Working With Tori

“After finding myself stuck in a rut personally and professionally, my mother suggested I get a life coach. At the time, the concept was very foreign to me — I didn’t know what a life coach was or how one could help me. But in the months I have been seeing Tori I have experienced more personal growth than I did with years of therapy. Life coaching is much more forward thinking, positive, and in my opinion, conducive to self-improvement. I never believed I could get to the point I am at today. I can honestly say that in the short time period since I started coaching with Tori I am a more confident, functional, happy person in all aspects of my life. I often catch myself thinking, I would never have done, said, or thought ‘X’ before I started seeing Tori. And it’s not just me who notices – many close friends and family members have commented about what a strong woman I am turning into. I truly feel blessed and honored to work with Tori and would highly recommend her.”
E.M., Manager, Los Angeles
“It’s hard to begin writing a testimonial about Tori; comforting, wise, empowering and compassionate are the first things that pop into my head but her coaching goes far beyond that. Tori has helped me peel back layers of myself that I didn’t even know were stopping me from reaching my highest potential. With her coaching, I have had several breakthroughs and am beginning to see changes within myself. I no longer am as angry as I once was and I understand the world with softer eyes. Tori has a beautiful practice of guiding people through their journey with a perfect blend of metaphysical and matter-of-fact reasoning, that I feel others could relate to. I would highly recommend Tori Helf’s work, she has done the work herself and it shows. Tori is centered, magnetic and pure-hearted, she is nurturing yet empowering and I truly believe is making a very positive impact on my life!”
S.G., Expert/Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Los Angeles
“Coaching with Tori has definitely impacted my life in such a positive and inspiring way. Her approach is so effortless and natural. The conversation always flows and leaves me feeling empowered and more aware. She has a natural gift at helping others discover their light and she has helped me in more ways than I even know. She always says that when you heal, you heal generations before you and after you. So in essence, she has not only been a part of my healing, but family’s healing as well. Coaching requires willingness and for you to put forth the effort, but Tori is a truly talented and knowledgeable guide. I’m very grateful for her work and her work in my life. I’m also very grateful for her help in discovering and working with my own intuition!”
C.T., Coach & LGBT Advocate, Los Angeles