If you are spiritual, you probably know what it means to manifest. This is the practice of making vision boards, saying affirmations, using the law of attraction etc. to create what you want. What I question in this whole process of manifestation is faith and Divine guidance. When am I pushing to create what is not meant to be? This question has troubled me for a while.

I wholeheartedly believe in manifesting things but I have seen people use it as another form of control. I see a lot of people frustrated that what they desire is not manifesting the way they’d like. I have realized that I really can’t control most things, even if I want to. Therefore, I am learning to have a deeper faith and trust that the right things will manifest.

Here is how I am learning this:

  • Know when to take action! Often we push too hard for things to happen. Society promotes this and I was very successful in this space. However, I was the most unhealthy and miserable too. Now I am learning to take guided action. I check with my intuition and say “how does this feel”?  Our intuition and gut will never lie to us. Pay attention to what feels right and do it.
  • Know when to let go! When we see the failures and the stop signs in life we get discouraged. I am learning to see this differently. These “roadblocks” are not always bad. They can create space for rest or redirection. Be proud that you tried and know that the Universe probably has something better in store. Pray, meditate, ask for guidance, and let it go. Allow it to unfold.
  • Forget the Magic, go for the Miracles! Marianne Williamson spoke of this phenomenon as people just wanting the “magic” of manifestation and getting what they want, not looking further into their faith for the miracles. When we open ourselves up and look for the Divine guidance we can find our path, our inner peace, and we can give back to the world through our gifts.
  • You deserve it! Sometimes, deep inside we feel we don’t deserve the good stuff. Get into a space that realizes you do deserve the good things. We have to be open to receive what the Universe wants to give us. We can block the miracles in our own life through self-sabotage. Know that you are deserving of it all and be mindful of how you push away the miracles.

Faith and spirituality is not just about getting what we want. It is more about creating our bliss, being love, and service. We do not always have to push to make things happen. There has to be a balance between doing and allowing and giving and receiving!

We can manifest miracles but I believe that something bigger than us will guide us to what is best. I am just letting go of the old saying “where there is a will there is a way” because I tend to push what is not always meant to be! I once pushed way past my point of misery trying to be a lawyer. NOT such a good idea when my whole life I knew what I was here to do…empower people.

How are you practicing faith? I’d love to hear!