Have you ever just had one of those days or weeks? You are completely unmotivated or things feel overwhelming? Well, due to this crazy universal energy right now I think a lot of us are feeling this way. If you are interested in planetary or astrological stuff check out www.astrostyle.com to learn more about why you feel a little like a slug lately (Thanks Chris)!

I have been feeling like I’m in a slump and so have many of my clients. So I decided to dedicate my week to breaking through feeling like poo! And in classic blogger fashion…I want to share it all with you. Here are my best tips to break through the muck, find your motivation, and get into your groove again:

1. Shift the energy ASAP. If you wake up and want to stay in bed, do it! Well, if you can do so without losing your job. Typically, we need a day of rest because we have been going 100 miles an hour. So give yourself a break. The rest will help you feel rejuvenated. However, if you have been in bed for days, it may be time to push yourself to get up. Something deeper is going on, so be gentle with yourself.

2. Get outside. There is no therapy like nature therapy. If you live near an ocean, forest, or park then force yourself into the wilderness. Our entire nervous system is attuned to the sounds and pace of nature, so you need a break from our wired and concrete world. Give yourself an hour or two in nature, completely disconnected from the chaos of everyday and you will feel your mood lift.

3. Call it out. If you are feeling blocked, uninspired, or overwhelmed call someone supportive who you trust. Yes, make a real phone call, not a text. Talk about how you feel. When we talk it out we work through what we are feeling and we are more easily able to overcome it. If you really have no one you can talk to, then journal about it. Just write about how you are feeling and get clarity and release.

4. Change your scenery. Leave the work behind and change the scenery. Even if you go to the local coffee shop, just break the slump of sitting in front of your computer or in your house. People watch and detach from your own stuff to really live in the present moment. When we sit worried about something we need to get outside our own perspective. Practice getting out of your own head, it’s not safe there!

5. Find out more about your block. Sometimes, we feel blocked for good reason. The block or anxiety we feel is trying to tell us something! Take time in quiet or meditation to see why you are being slowed down. Are you pushing too hard? Have too much on your plate? Is your health being jeopardized? The wisdom of your body is not to be ignored. When you listen to it, the blocks can be lifted easily.

The truth is that what we RESIST…PERSISTS. So, the more you push against the way you are feeling the more it will stay the same. If you are blocked or overwhelmed you have to take some time to see the situation differently and change your thoughts about it. It will pass if you do a little work to help break through it. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. It is not trying to ruin your life; it is trying to protect you.

Have you had a lot of worry or blocks lately? Feel free to share…I love your comments.

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Namaste, Tori