Workshops & Retreats:

I work with companies and individuals to design highly personal and transformational workshops and retreats that address personal and spiritual growth.

Next Workshop:

Relationship Ready will be coming again this Fall! Please sign up if you would like to be notified when the next workshop will be held. You can also contact me via email at for more information!

What Participants Had To Say:

“Tori is an amazing and insightful workshop leader. I had no idea how much personal growth was in store for me. Although the work was difficult at times, today my life and relationships are much more fulfilling then I could ever imagine. Thanks Tori, for being a positive change agent in my life.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your workshop. You shared your knowledge in a manner that I know I can apply to help make positive changes in my life. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable and at ease!”


“Tori is a natural workshop leader. She has the ability to establish trust within the group immediately, which creates a very relaxed environment in which to learn. She is extremely knowledgeable in her work and is very confident presenting it to others. I appreciated her professionalism and her investment in us as individuals. Her teaching method was very inspiring.”


“I loved being in Tori’s workshop! She was so knowledgeable and presented the information in an enjoyable and easy to understand way. I felt profoundly transformed through Tori’s words and the processes she guided us through.”