It’s time to find a little more excitement in your life! Are you ready to feel alive again? Are you ready to go after a new goal or find a hobby close to your heart? Well, don’t look any further. I want to help you find what drives you so you can find fulfillment in your work and in your life.

Too many people are going through life completely unaware that they are unfulfilled. We muddle through our days pushing ourselves to do more and more. What if you had some excitement for something? Think about all the times you have been looking forward to an event, like a vacation. Think about how incredibly productive you were, getting everything done so you could leave on that vacation!

The energy you put into those days leading up to your vacation was a direct result of being excited about something. You were excited to get away and live a little. We can have that kind of drive, but we have to find it. We have to fuel our lives. If your life feels mundane or draining you will keep producing the same results.

Here are few tips to find a little more excitement:
1. Do something you have NEVER done before? One of my favorite questions is when was the last time you did something for the first time? Well, sadly most of us don’t break out of our routine too often. Think of something you have always wanted to try and then ACTUALLY schedule it. I have taken golf lessons, kayaked, and made jewelry. Have something new to look forward to! See how it makes you feel, maybe you find a new hobby you love.

2. Take a trip. It can be a short and inexpensive one-night stay. But save the money and get out of town. Americans take less vacation than most industrialized countries! This makes me sad, because we have to take time to disconnect. When you can disconnect from the chaos of daily life, you find yourself.

3. Spend time in nature. There is something about being outside and experiencing nature that changes us. Science has shown us that our bodies are attuned with the sounds of nature. That is why we find it so soothing. So take some time to marvel at beauty, calm yourself, and hear that inner creative voice. Some of my best ideas have come during hikes at the nature reserve near my home.

4. Disconnect from the TV! Did you know that the average American spends four hours in front of the television per day? This can turn into an average of 13 years of your life spent in front of a TV! That floored me and I immediately looked at my habits. Commit to less TV now! Think of what you could accomplish. You could write that book or begin that side business you have always talked about.

5. Take a class. Commit to your own evolution! Look into adult education at your local community college. Take that photography or Spanish class you have always wanted to enroll in. Just do something that excites you and grows you! Just keep learning.

I hope this serves you in finding some more excitement in life! Please share your thoughts on injecting a little excitement into life! Also, if you have a question for me, ask away!

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