Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep? Maybe you hit the wall at three and reach for coffee or sugary goodness. I know that feeling well. I used to feel that way often! I have done a lot of research on health to navigate my own energy slumps. I burned the candle at both ends for so many years that I actually did some damage to my body.

Now, I can’t rely on the adrenaline, cortisol, caffeine, and sugar rushes that used to fuel my day. My body simply won’t allow it. If you are looking for some effective and natural ways to increase your energy so you CAN live fully, read on my friend!

1. Get a Checkup! In the great words of health Guru Kris Carr “look under your hood”. Have a full blood panel done. Include your Vitamin D, Iron, and B12 levels. Most insurance plans will pay 100% for it. I got this done and found that I was low in almost all nutrients that provide energy! Taking a Vitamin D and B12 supplement was life changing. People today are chronically low on these nutrients among many other things. Find out what your body needs so it can serve you better.

2. Drink up! Most of us are chronically dehydrated and don’t know it. We need to drink, at minimum, half our body weight in ounces of water each day. More water if you exercise or drink caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda. If you get headaches then drinking water will help you even more. Try increasing your water slowly. Maybe 16 ounces more per day until you are up to what you need. At first you will hit the potty more often, but over time your body will adjust. And bonus time…when you drink the water you need you will eat less and your skin will look fabulous!

3. Sleep it Off! Yes, you need more than 5 hours sleep. I gave a talk to a big audience recently and many of them came up to me afterward and said they don’t sleep more than 5 hours. Their concern was that when they sleep more they feel terrible. My suggestion is to increase your sleep time slowly. It will not work well if you go from 5 to 7 hours in one day. You will feel like you got hit by a truck! So add 15 minutes of sleep per night, each week until you find your happy place. Meaning move up bedtime 15 minutes and do that for one week. Next week, add 15 more. When you have slept enough, you will not need an alarm clock to wake. Aim for 7-8 hours!

4. Get off the Sugar Train! Hi, I’m Tori, and I’m a sugar-aholic. However, sugar can wreak havoc on your energy levels, your hormones, and your weight. Begin reading the labels of the food you eat. You will see just how much sugar is in EVERYTHING! It is very easy to eat a pound of sugar each week not even having dessert. Even health foods are loaded with sugar. If you have that 3:00PM crash, have hormonal troubles, or just can’t get enough sugar begin cutting back. Take it slowly, begin buying things with lower sugar contents, like 5 grams or less. Cut sugar way back and you will feel differently.

5. How you Feeling? A lot of our energy can be drained by other people, feeling overwhelmed, or failure to take care of ourselves. Check in with how you are feeling. If you need to take a break from certain people give yourself permission to do so. If a hike increases your energy or you need to sit on your couch for a few hours watching something you love then do it! You have to take time to recharge your batteries or you can’t do much for your success or those you love. You really can’t be successful long-term if you don’t take care of yourself. You will hit a wall or your health will suffer.

I hope this gives you some ideas of how to increase your energy so you can have energy for your day. Take care of YOU so you can be great.

If you have no energy, tell me how this has impacted you and one thing you know you want to change.