I have been talking about “passion” with people a lot lately, so it’s time to blog about it! A lot of great teachers will tell you to follow your passion and I would agree. You have to find what you love and do it. Yet, I have one caveat to that. Your passion has to support you.

Yes, follow your passion because you will be happier but remember that you CAN do that and make money. If you love food, cook. If you love helping people, find a career path that allows you to help others. There are infinite ways to do what we love and get paid.

Most people get stuck in old beliefs and feel that they will never make money doing what they love. Take the old adage about the “starving artist”. Well, there are a lot of people supporting themselves on art, so don’t buy into other people’s stuff. Take the time to find what you love and creatively integrate it into your career and life.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you do that:

1. Your passion need not be sexy! I meet with so many clients that worry their passion isn’t right because it’s not philanthropic enough. If you love numbers and feel great being in finance, perfect. If you love carpentry and get excited about the process, then please make people gorgeous houses. Please just don’t stay in a career that is safe, that is where passion goes to die. No exceptions.

2. Your passion answers that inner call! Have you been thinking about a particular career for a long time? I have found that my clients are always drawn to what they are passionate about. They are typically just fearful it will not make money or they don’t have the skills yet. Look at what you are drawn to. I knew I wanted to help people and it took on many forms, but I stuck with finding what was right.

3. Your passion and pain are connected! Let’s say it hurts you to look at abused animals or hungry children, this is your pain and part of your passion. Is there some type of work you can do that helps with this? Maybe you donate a portion of your salary or volunteer for this cause. It will give you passion for what you already do, knowing that you are making a difference.

I say find your passion because it will fuel your life. If you enjoy what you do you have a great chance at being happier. All studies show that happier people are more productive. Imagine what life could be like if you were excited to do something great each day?

If you honestly can’t make the leap into your passion right now, then take the time to find it. Find some way you can partake in what you are passionate about. Make it a hobby, volunteer position, or a cause you support. This will help you bring passion into your life which will also make you feel great!

My passion led me to my purpose. It took me years to find it but I never gave up. Are you living your passion? Tell me about it.