Have you ever noticed how strong your faith is in true fear? Like when you are on an airplane in terrible turbulence and you begin to pray or talk to your angels. The last time I felt this was on a flight to New York to join my husband during a terrible storm.  It was turbulent and the captain said that snow and ice was on the ground. I began praying right then. As we skidded onto the tarmac in snow and ice I was shaken but so happy we made it.

However, it got me thinking. Why does it take such FEAR to have real FAITH? In that moment of fear, I went straight to my faith. There was no pondering the situation and coming up with different options. There was no time to try to control the situation. It was pure faith. I thought in that moment, why don’t I do that all the time?

I guess faith feels hokey and unstable. We hate not knowing. I know I do. The fear I felt on that plane was no different than the fear I feel about a lot of different challenges in life. The fear is very real, but I think that I have more control over it. The truth is I probably have as much control over what occurs next in my life as I did on that plane. The things I fear the most, are definitely out of my hands.

This is not to say that I cannot help to create my own future but difficult things happen and we have to deal with them. I was not prepared for the sudden loss of my sister or my mother but faith helped me through those situations too. Faith is a strong part of resilience and hope that allows us to face fear.

So, how can you go to your faith first instead of your logic? Here is what I came up with:

  1. Have faith in yourself. Believe that the work you put into things will have the result that is for your highest good. Even if you fail, have faith you will succeed the next time. Keep failure very SMALL. There is something out there bigger than us. I believe it supports us fully when we believe in ourselves. Have a little faith and talk to your angels. It’s like insurance. Follow your guidance not your fear.
  2. Know that you cannot control it all. You are not the master of the Universe, just your own thoughts. The more we try to control things the more they stay the same. We often feel that if we can just force the outcome we want, we will be happy. Well, some things just have to fall out of our life. Stop controlling everything and have faith that the right things and people will show up in your life, at the right TIME!
  3. Stop thinking worst case scenario. This is what most of us do. I know that I used to believe that if I prepared for the worst, I would feel better. Well, sadly I think it brings us the worst. It is like praying and hoping for what you do NOT want to happen. Things can work out. Life can be good. Take a hard look at your belief systems and figure out why you think that way. It will inhibit happiness and create a lot of unnecessary worry for you.

Faith is easy for some and harder for others. On my journey it has been learned. Years ago I was an agnostic, corporate leader with little time or patience for hope. I wanted facts and forecasts. Yet, I was miserable. I felt like the world was on my back. And it was because I put it there. Learn to have faith in something bigger and let go. It really can change your life!

How are you struggling with faith? Please share or ask a question below.

If you love what I am sharing, help a sister out, and share it again. Namaste