We have all heard that life is short and that we should live each moment fully. Ironically, life seems to get in the way. We have to find joy where we are and make it a priority. It is time to stand up for our own life so we can live it more fully! The sad thing is that many of us are afraid to feel joy.

Brene Brown, an amazing research professor and author, has done a ton of research and she says that people are most terrified to feel joy! I see this in the people I work with too. If you haven’t seen one of her TED talks on YouTube or read one of her books, I highly recommend it. Ok, so back to joy. Let’s look as some easy ways to feel more joy now!

  • When do you feel most joyful? Think about it, what makes your heart sing? It can be simple. But you’d be shocked how many people don’t know the answer! I love to stand at the edge of the ocean, snuggle my animals, and watch those I love feel happy. Find what brings you joy and find time to do it. This is a must.
  • What are you grateful for? I know this is a bit over used, but it is tried and true. Shifting yourself to what you feel grateful for on a crappy day can really help you look at that moment differently. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the good that is all around us when we don’t feel so great. Be grateful for what you have so you can create more good in your life.
  • Find joy now. Too often we tell ourselves I will be happy when (fill in the blank). If you wait to feel any joy until you are thinner, have that lover, or get that job, life will pass you by. Another funny trick we play is that even when we DO get what we want, we set another goal. Be happy as you are. Find the moments that lift you up, you are already fabulous.
  • Stop the distractions! We tend to allow silly distractions like our email, cell phones, and chores to steal our time and our joy. I used to be a busy corporate manager and I can say I missed a lot. So turn down the noise and look for the great moments passing you by. Find the time to engage in your life and with those you love.
  • Get out of your own way. I think we are scared to feel joy because it’s fleeting. Dr. Brown’s research finds this too. She says people are always waiting for the “other shoe to drop” so they fear feeling too much joy! Sometimes, when we feel things are too good we push away the good experiences and joy so that we don’t have to feel the fear of losing it.

It’s time to feel the good in your life. No one is going to do it for you. It takes courage to live fully but it is so worth it. I had to learn how to feel the highs and lows of life as an adult. It felt scary to really feel it all. I was worried that I would be an emotional “mess” crying over commercials, which I had never done.  Honestly, I feel more balanced and alive now than I ever did when I chose not to feel things fully. Feeling joy is worth it all, even tearing up at those darn ASPCA commercials!

How can you live with more joy? Is there anything that holds you back? I’d love to hear your comments below.


This is me, finding joy where I can!

XO, Tori