Taking time for yourself is NOT self-centered it is how we “center ourselves” so we can do great things in the world. Too many of us think that we must place others needs above our own at all costs. While I believe in a life filled with helping others, I know that we must first practice self-care. It is time to take care of your own needs so you can truly give 100% to what matters to you most!

You may be wondering what I mean by this…it’s such a foreign concept. Take care of myself, I don’t get it? Stay with me though. In order to truly GIVE we must first be full. Therefore, you must ensure your needs are met so you can care for the others and do great work. You must fill up your own cup each day so that you can give to and support others in a way that does NOT drain your energy.

If you are depleted and empty you don’t have the energy to give anything. We are unable to give what we do not have. So, how do you develop self-care? Begin by taking a moment to think of what you really need. Take a moment to look at the ways in which you are NOT nourishing your mind, body, and spirit.

1. What kind of thoughts do you have during the day? Is your mind always running? Do you feel tired all time? Are you getting resentful of all the tasks or work you have? If so, it is time to set some boundaries and take care of YOU! When we get overworked and over burdened by others we get really negative! Which does not help you put your best foot forward in anyway.

2. What kind of foods are you eating? Are you getting exercise? Are you responding to stress by eating cookies or drinking way too much coffee? Look at your exercise habits and you will find some clues on how you can better care for yourself. If you are never getting any fresh air or gym time things need to change. This is probably the hardest one for me, but when I eat well and just take walks I am SO much better off. It’s like creating a buffer to BS in life.

3. Are you filling your soul? Do you ever take time for you? When is the last time you got a massage or read a book you really love? It is time to do the little things that make you feel good. Whether it is meditation, gardening, or any creative outlet it can be like medicine. Find what fills you up and do it! Once you do you will have so much more to give.

I know life is busy! But we are just filling our days with things that do not fill our hearts. Find what nourishes you and commit to yourself that you will do it. It can be simple but I promise it will be powerful. If you want to show the world just how amazing you are begin by showing everyone that you care for yourself. It will inspire!

Namaste, Tori

P.S. Are you struggling with self-care? If so, tell me about it!