Having Faith Instead of Fear

Have you ever noticed how strong your faith is in true fear? Like when you are on an airplane in terrible turbulence and you begin to pray or talk to your angels. The last time I felt this was on a flight to New York to join my husband during a terrible storm.  It […]

3 Tips to Feel Stronger NO Matter What

Have you ever wondered why some people transform their lives regardless of their life experiences and others dwell in the past, unable to heal from their pain? I have spent my lifetime pondering this question. I chose to heal my wounds and use the pain as a catalyst for transformation. I know we all […]

What’s Stopping You from Breaking Through?

When you think about the things you want in life, what is really stopping you from getting it? When we decide to take an honest look, it is typically ourselves! Even when we say “oh, I can’t because…” it is really our perception that we have this block and then we forget about our […]

Dealing with Difficult People…Spiritually

Are you having issues with your boss or another person in your life? Well, those A-holes are actually here to teach you something about yourself. Shocking, I know. But the people who show up in our life and challenge us are actually here to teach us something, to heal something, to get stronger.

The Buddhist […]

Are You Really Free?

 A s we approach my favorite holiday…it got me thinking about freedom. There are all types of freedom to have. Those of us in the US can inadvertently take our freedom for granted at times. Having lived in Asia, I am so grateful that I feel free to pursue exactly what I want here in […]

Get More Energy Now!


Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep? Maybe you hit the wall at three and reach for coffee or sugary goodness. I know that feeling well. I used to feel that way often! I have done a lot of research on health to navigate my own energy slumps. I burned the […]

Breaking Through Your Blocks


Have you ever just had one of those days or weeks? You are completely unmotivated or things feel overwhelming? Well, due to this crazy universal energy right now I think a lot of us are feeling this way. If you are interested in planetary or astrological stuff check out www.astrostyle.com to learn more about […]

Why Judge-y Thoughts are Hurting YOU!


We are human, we like to judge things and gossip. But for your own sake, I am going to challenge you to stop. When we judge others we send out negative energy that eventually comes back to us. It comes in the form of being our own worst critic. Yet, most importantly, our judgment […]

If you want to be happy & successful begin with self-care!

Taking time for yourself is NOT self-centered it is how we “center ourselves” so we can do great things in the world. Too many of us think that we must place others needs above our own at all costs. While I believe in a life filled with helping others, I know that we must […]

Want to Feel Better? Give Gratitude a Try!


Maybe you have heard about being grateful lately? The practice of gratitude is encouraged by most spiritual traditions. I believe in the power of gratitude. It is something that I introduce to my coaching clients immediately. Even Oprah keeps a gratitude journal, which goes to show that no matter what you have, you still […]