First, let me define this term. It is a person that just sucks your energy in any way, ultimately draining the life out of you. To paint the picture of what this feels like, let me give you a few scenarios.

An energy vampire is going to call you and immediately begin telling you about all of their problems. They will fail to ask how YOU are doing and probably end the conversation telling you how much better “they” feel. You will hang up the phone feeling plain tired. And this will not be the first time they have done this.

Another way people suck our energy is to continually ask for our advice and never use it. They simply use you as dumping ground about their terrible boyfriend or sucky job without any resolve! Yet, you give your kind empathetic ear to this person over and over trying to support them. This person does a lot of complaining and fails to do a thing about it! It’s like Groundhog’s day! By the end of your time together, you desperately need a nap!

Lastly, there are those people who physically make you feel yucky. They may be a friend, family member, or someone you work with and they just give you really negative vibes. It’s not from a judgment place, you just feel “off” when they are around. They could be going through something heavy or they may just “be” heavy. All you know is that you pick up some serious negative energy around them. You walk away feeling and thinking more negatively than before.

As a natural counselor I attracted A LOT of them in my life, so here are three tips to cut them off in a nice way and save your energy for your own life and problems:

1. When the vampire strikes on the phone. First and foremost, if you dread taking the call, then stop taking so many. You teach people how to treat you so do not engage on this level. When you do speak with them, take a little control. If they keep going on about themselves say “I am sorry to hear that but I have a lot going on too and I need to get back to…” and end the call. Also, reassess the relationship. Is this person important to you? If so, seek to find ways to shift the relationship. If not, figure out why you have accepted this type of behavior.

2. The advice vampire. These are my favorite. The way in which I deal with them is when they complain and ask the dreaded question “what should I DO” I simply say “what do you think you should do?” This can stop them dead in their tracks. As you know, we often DO NOT take even the best advice. Allow the person to figure it out. Ask them questions to help them get clear on it so they can take action. Also, if they see that you are not a dumping ground it should stop the behavior.

3. The vibes vamp. We have all felt this. If you can, attempt place limits on contact with this person. If not, two things to do. Immediately protect yourself in white light, just visualize it surrounding you head to toe. It helps, I swear. If you still feel like you picked up some bad “juju” take an Epsom salts bath or use a salt scrub. Salt is purifying energetically. Been used since the dark ages and it works. Trust me, when I learned this trick I was like a freaking mermaid!

Energy vampires are real. They mean no harm, but if they leave you feeling drained, pay attention. See how you can improve things for the both of you. I know I have improved relationships in a positive way with people. You can do the same. Try the tips above and make it your own. You are powerful and resourceful! Have you cut off energy vampires in your life, tell me how?

P.S. I hope this serves you!  If you find this info useful and valuable, follow my blog or share it with someone who can benefit.

Namaste, Tori