When you think about the things you want in life, what is really stopping you from getting it? When we decide to take an honest look, it is typically ourselves! Even when we say “oh, I can’t because…” it is really our perception that we have this block and then we forget about our own goals, dreams, and life. Yes, we have a lot of things to take care of in life but we can find a balance.

Let’s look at busting through the blocks that we typically have when creating the life we really want. These are the typical responses I get from my clients about why they haven’t yet made the progress they would like in their life or career.

Block 1 – I am too busy! I used to love this one! I filled my days with things that didn’t fill my heart but I sure kept myself safe by keeping my mind focused upon my to-do list. However, as you unclutter your life you will find more space and time to put effort into your own development, health, and happiness. Step one, stop saying yes to things you really don’t want to do. Step two, make a schedule that includes time for your own wellbeing. You must include things that make you feel good! It can be 15 minutes a day, but this is non-negotiable if you want to change your life. Step three, visualize the life you want. As you fall asleep or wake in the morning intentionally visualize your dreams. It could be the vacation, the job, or the new home you want. You have to show the Universe what you want, so you can create it.

Block 2 – I am afraid! We are all afraid. Sometimes we are afraid of failing, afraid of succeeding, or afraid of changing. Fear is just trying to keep you safe. Fear is not a bad thing unless it stops you from doing what you dream of. Take some time to listen objectively to the fears you have and make sure you are taking care of those concerns. For example, my fear comes in when I am working too many hours. My body now recoils at the thought of burning the candle at both ends as I did for many years. I have to affirm that I will honor my body and mind and get the rest I need. This allows me to move forward. It is only when we allow the fear of the subconscious mind to drown out and overpower the conscious mind that it stops us. Yes, doing new things is scary but use the fearful energy to propel you forward.

Block 3 – I don’t believe I can! Most importantly, monitor the voice in your head. Our thoughts can go crazy when we venture out from the norm. The ego voice can tell you all kinds of things that are simply not true. However, if we begin to listen it can stop us dead in our tracks. This voice comes from our own belief systems. If you have learned and believe that you will “never have enough money” you will always create this in your life. Your thoughts will say things like “you can’t afford that” and “money doesn’t grow on trees” even if you’re at Target looking at soap. If you are struggling in some area of your life write out all the things you believe to be true about that subject. Then monitor the thoughts you have around it on a daily basis. You will begin to see where you are blocked and why, then you can shift it.

I hope this serves you in finding your own blocks. If you have a block that you can’t get clear on feel free to leave a comment so I can give you some insights!

If you feel someone could use these tips, please pass it on to them. Namaste