One of the main things I am hired as a coach to do is to help someone find their life purpose. It sounds so elusive and difficult to figure out. But the truth is that you have been doing it your whole life! I too struggled with this question for a long time. I felt called to help people but didn’t know how exactly.

In college I nearly became a doctor, lawyer, and a therapist! I didn’t know which way to go. Ultimately, my fear got the best of me and I went into the business world. I chose HR so I could still “help people”. I learned that what I was here to do would not be accomplished in HR, so back to square one at 31!

I had completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology so I knew that was easy and interesting to me. I was lucky enough to have a coach to help me see some of the qualities in myself that I was not seeing. During my sessions with her I discovered that I had always been counseling people throughout my life and career! It was truly second nature to me.

Even my mother, who suffered from severe addiction my whole life, called me her little counselor! I just didn’t see that what I did naturally was MY calling. Then I had to decide how to integrate that into my life. For me that meant going back to school for my Masters’ Degree and honing my skills as a coach.

The questions you can ask yourself are:
• What do you do naturally, even effortlessly?
• What do you love to do? You would do it even if no one paid you!
• What do people often tell you that you do very well?
• What are your natural talents?
• Where have you excelled in life?

Once you have answered these questions you have a good idea of what you are here to do. It is typically so easy, that we miss it. Maybe you bring beauty to people through your buildings, design, or food. Or you are great with small children, make people laugh, or run a successful business. Your calling is what you do well and what you find enjoyable! It may not feel clear but this exercise can get you started!

Lastly, your calling does NOT need to be building orphanages in Somalia, but it could be! I see a lot of people get caught up in this process feeling that their calling must be special. It doesn’t, you are special! Each person has a specific role to play that is divinely orchestrated.

Find what brings you joy because you will spread that joy. You will enjoy your work. It is better to find joy than to find yet another job! You can always do philanthropic work in your life. It doesn’t have to be your full-time job. Above all, follow your heart and your intuition to your life’s work.

My favorite saying to remind myself of this is “do what you love and you will never work another day in your life”, sounds good to me.
Have you found your purpose in life? Are you living it?