We are human, we like to judge things and gossip. But for your own sake, I am going to challenge you to stop. When we judge others we send out negative energy that eventually comes back to us. It comes in the form of being our own worst critic. Yet, most importantly, our judgment pushes people away!

We can only judge others when we first judge ourselves. This means that if you make fun of someone’s weight you are probably not too happy with your own weight or body. I see this most in parents. They judge others parenting skills, when it’s not that serious, because somewhere inside they are worried they are not doing a good enough job.

It is completely natural to feel this way but it doesn’t make any of us feel any better. This type of judgment actually creates a space where we can’t talk about our fears and worries. In the world of parenting the fears are huge and it’s normal! It’s a huge job. But all of us feel we fall short somewhere and we need to have safe space to talk about it.

Judging comes from our own fear of not being good enough. SO until you see the good in others you can’t see it in yourself. Here are few more reasons why it’s good to let go of the judging thoughts.

1. You will be less critical in general. When we learn to stop judging others we actually learn to give ourselves a break. You won’t obsess over what people think of us as much. Plus, you won’t be the friend or partner that shoots down ideas or outfits because you don’t like it! You will actually be more supportive and less bitchy and people will love you for it!

2. You will be more open. Have you noticed how your judgment thoughts “color” people? I am not talking about discernment like you get a really bad feeling about a person. But negative judgment, like hearing something about them or seeing what someone is wearing and not giving them a chance. You miss out on connecting with others. You miss out on learning more and possibly miss an opportunity for something great.

3. You will have deeper relationships. We easily judge those closest to us. The judgment may feel like you are helping, but the other person feels it. Then people shut down. They don’t want to be judged so they shut you out. The connection is weakened. They stop sharing things with you. You become the outsider because they’d rather not hear what you have to say.

Refraining from judging those we love allows a deeper connection. People can open up more not fearing your judgment. And for those we don’t even know, it allows them space to just be who they are. Isn’t that what we all want? Plus, you just send out good vibes and allow more positivity in your life.

My theory is this: if someone is truly NOT hurting anyone who the hell cares what they do! It’s none of my business. They are on their own soul’s path and I am not to determine how they should look, what they should believe, or how they should raise their kids. It’s a tough thing to stop judging but I sure work on it every day because it is SO worth it!

Have you been judged by someone you care for? I would love to hear about it.

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Namaste, Tori