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 Have the Life and Success you Desire!

HeadshotCoaching can help you improve your life and begin making the changes you know you want to make, but you don’t know how. Sometimes, we try to make big changes and simply end up back where we started! Coaching with me can help you get what you really want and understand how you will get there.

Sometimes, we have internal and external conflicts that arise with finding success and creating health and happiness. They can be your relationships, work-life balance, or even your own thoughts. I work with people to find their authentic power in all areas so they can work through the challenges that always arise on our journey to happiness and success.

Coaching is powerful tool for your life. Here is what some of my clients are saying about how they feel after going through this process:

“I am in a WONDERFUL place right now, in all aspects of my life. My son is about to graduate high school with good grades. Work is going extremely well, in fact, I want to help THEM [my team] achieve the greatness that I have. My love life is going great…I’m dating a guy who treats me with the respect and love that I deserve.”
C.H., Manager

“Working with Tori has changed my life in so many different ways. I started doing my own personal growth and spiritual work prior to meeting with Tori but it seemed that everything I had been working on was heightened after our meetings began. After only two or three sessions, I felt inspired and uplifted. I felt like I could really access everything I need within myself to not only accomplish my immediate goals and dreams, but also spiritual awakening. I have expanded on ALL levels since coming to Tori and I can only imagine what amazing blessings the future has in store for my life!” 
D.C., Actress/TV Host


I know what it is like to feel stagnant and unclear about what you need to feel happy and successful. At one point, I had it all but still felt unsatisfied. I had the success that most people would want but it wasn’t enough. On paper, my life was perfect. Yet, my life was out of balance. I was spinning through life one “to-do” list at a time and even though I was a high achiever, it no longer satisfied me. I was feeling burned out and uninspired.

What I found is that I was not fulfilled internally. I was worried about everything and everyone but me. Most of all, I felt very little passion or purpose in my life. My life felt constricted and work was my only focus. I barely enjoyed vacations. Through my own journey, formal education, and helping others over the years I have found the keys to creating happiness and success. I have learned that fulfillment must be part of life or the success is meaningless. Happiness is what we all crave at the end of the day.

I am sure that as you read this you are already thinking that you know most of this. It’s true! Most of you know what you want to be doing in life. Sadly, we rarely listen to it. But it’s your time. You can feel happy and have the success you want! You just have to commit to yourself. NOW is the time.

The Coaching Plan



Here is what you’re going to get!

You will have full access to my services for 16 weeks. I will help you create more balance, more peace, and more prosperity than you ever thought was possible. We will make a personalized plan just for you on how you will get exactly where you want to go. We will find your personal barriers to feeling happy and successful so you can do great things in your business while living your life.

  • 12 Sessions (3 per Month);  (live via Skype or in person if possible)
  • Each month you will have one week off to integrate your plan;
  • Personal Access to me via email, text, and phone in addition to your monthly sessions (when you need support ASAP)!


As you know, coaching is an investment in yourself. Finding a good coach is not about finding the best deal. My standard rate for personal coaching is $200 per individual session. Additionally, I charge people for every 15 minutes I spend with them for email/texts. So this package on average would cost around $3,500.00 or more with 3 monthly sessions and a few weekly texts or calls over 16 weeks.

However, if you sign up for and commit to 12 sessions of coaching I have a very special offer going! You will have weekly access to me via email and text message without being billed for my time. I work with a very limited number of personal coaching clients each month to ensure I give platinum level service. The application to work with me is below. I only work with people who are serious about building their business, working smarter, not harder, and finding the balance and happiness they really want.

As a bonus for signing up and investing in yourself, when you stick with the work, I will gift you this as well.

  • A journal to keep notes on your learning;
  • A lifestyle guide designed specifically for you so you can reduce your stress;
  • And another bonus offer, tailored just for you!


If you are ready to live the life you have always dreamed of so you can feel happy, fulfilled, and successful, I am the coach for you. But you have to want it. You have to do the work. You have to commit to yourself and the vision you have for your life. Now is the time. You will never look back and regret living your life more fully!

To have the life you want, invest in yourself. I hope you are ready, but to make sure I require an application process. If you are ready for big things to happen, apply below. Again, I only take on a few new clients per month to ensure I give the best service possible. Let today be the first day of a new journey.


Apply Now!


These offers apply exclusively to this package. If you are interested in another type of structure, let me know in your application.


Individual Coaching Sessions – Personal and Professional Growth 

Individual Coaching is done through dynamic one-on-one sessions, either in person or via technology, where you learn to find happiness and success in your everyday life. This process allows you to discover your ideal way of living and working while receiving the support you need to get where you wish to go. Individual coaching can be done over time or in a one-day intensive to get laser focused!


Group Coaching Sessions – Growing Together

Group Coaching Sessions are designed to help you solve the everyday dilemmas that we all face and have a group to support you in the process. Coaching Groups can be created through common interests, organizational need, or by request.


Retreats & Wellness Events

Progressive organizations today are promoting wellness and giving their employees tools to live happier, healthier lives. These are some of my favorite events! I provide specialized content for your event that incorporates your culture while helping employees learn to manage stress, think more positively, and increase their productivity and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?
Coaching is not therapy & is not intended to be?
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