Have you ever thought about what it will take to fulfill your purpose? I have thought a lot about this and I am finding the answers. Some of the answers come from nature. I am blessed to live near the largest wetlands in Southern California. Each winter we are visited by approximately 200,000 migrating birds.

One day, I was walking near the wetlands and noticed hundreds of birds flying above. They were in perfect “v” formations across the blue sky. I have never seen anything like it…I was moved to tears. I heard their calls and their wings flapping against the wind. Imagining the feeling of relief that they had made it!

These birds fly thousands of miles to get here. They lose up to half their body weight during the journey. Yet, they keep moving through the elements and their exhaustion. Nothing stops them. They naturally support one another and have an inner knowing of what to do.

They follow their inner guidance and pull to the South. It is this trust in their internal guidance that gets them here alive. This led to me think about what we need on our own journey. What if we to found others who truly support us on our journey? What if we really learned to listen to and follow our inner guidance?

On some level, I feel we know that we need to trust ourselves and find people who support us. There is a call within each of us telling us what to do. We simply choose not to listen. We choose people who ask us “why” we want to follow our heart instead of “why not”?

Take a moment and think about what you want. How are you going to fulfill that dream or your purpose? I believe it is learning to trust our intuition and finding people who support us on our journey. We all need someone who will tell us to keep going when we get in our own way! I know that when I want to give up, my husband is the first one to tell me to keep going. Here are a few things to keep you going.

• Get Support! What support will you need? Are you creating a community of people telling you to go after your dreams? If not, reevaluate who you are allowing in your life and why.
• Answer the Inner Call! What is the “call” within you that you are not answering? Are you afraid? If you are that is good. If your dreams scare you, then they are big enough. Take action.
• Listen to Your Intuition! Take time to listen. It can be just a minute, but check in. See how each move feels in your body. If it feels good, go for it. Your intuition will always lead you well!
• Stay Inspired! What will keep you moving forward when you are exhausted? How will you stay motivated? How will you stop your own forms of self-sabotage? Look for inspiration daily.
• Ask for Help! I know, I know…I hate it too! But if you are going to do something great you will need others. Humans need support and connection to thrive. Particularly to achieve our dreams.

Like the birds I described. We can’t make the journey alone. We are definitely powerful, but we need someone to share the load with. Even if you just need emotional support, find it. Seek people in life who will support you in following your intuition. Allow others to help you and cheer you on! It is the surest way to be great!

What are your secrets to following your dreams? I’d love to hear your ideas.